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Booking Information

The Ringing Calendar records the bookings that have been made for the use of the bells, plus some other events. It includes normal service ringing, practice nights, weddings, quarter peals, peals, visiting bands, etc. It may be useful to those who have made a booking to check that it has been recorded, or to those who would like to make a booking to see when the bells might be available.

All bookings should be made through the who will check the availability of the bells with the Parish Office and ensure that bookings are put in the Abbey diary. In the absence of the Tower Secretary bookings should be made through the .

We try to ensure that this web version of our booking record is updated regularly. It is intended as a guide only.

Booking Guidelines

We will always try to accommodate requests for use of the bells but sometimes this will not be possible. The following guidance is intended to help you determine whether your request is likely to be successful: